CIRCVET combines all the competences and knowledge required to deploy the project and obtain the best results:


5 partners (AIJU, CENTIMFE, PROPLAST, POLYMERIS, LINPRA) represent the SMEs in the sector, being SMEs associations / clusters. 3 of them are also research centres (CENTIMFE, PROPLAST, POLYMERIS) supporting innovation at the same time.

Technology, innovation, and competitiveness for companies
Technological Center for the Mouldmaking Special Tooling in Plastic Industries
International Competence Center for Plastics Innovation
Competitiveness Cluster for Rubbers, Plastics and Composites
Engineering and Technology Industries Association of Lithuania


5 partners (KIMW-Q, ULPGC, UNITRENTO, APRC, VPM) representing the educational and training sector, either as Universities or Professional or VET centres.

L├╝denscheid Plastics Institute
University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
University of Trento
Alytus Vocational Training Center
Visaginas Technology and Business Vocational Education and Training Centre


1 partner (IDL) has the technical competences, expertise, and experience to design and deploy the ICT resources.

Infinitivity Design Labs


1 partner (HIT) represents innovation in business models and entrepreneurship, key aspects for the transition into a Circular Economy model

Trentino Innovation Hub Foundation link between research and innovation.


CIRCVET consortium has collected the interest of a series of entities that are willing already to participate in the activities.